Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Musical Chairs, A Formidable Game

A time to reign, a time to say goodbye
A time to swap chairs and play to the music
A new beat to an old tune: ladies first.

Then, give this man another chance
Let him take the favourite armchair
While we discuss last week’s history

A nation fast asleep staggers to the morning news
Turns over a new leaf and finds comfort
In a leader who changes the colour of his hair.

I wanted Kevin, I got Julia
I wanted Julia, I got Kevin
Either way, I am a lucky man.

© Martha Landman

Kevin Rudd defeats Julia Gillard 57-45 in Labor leadership ballot, paving way for a return to PM

Martha Landman has published poetry in various online poetry magazines like Everyday Poets, The New Verse News, Eunonia Review, Dr Huley's Snake Oil Cure, and others.  She lives, loves and writes in tropical North Queensland Australia.