Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Icing on the Cake

Fever of a George
Cambridge not Oxford
Born to a Beauty
Pushed to a legacy
His Kingdom to build
A palace dependent on media coverage
and travellers from the commonwealth
One has to wonder if his Mum will see him crowned
King or as purveyor of party objects
Meanwhile, shouting ‘foul’ at media coverage
Suggesting weight loss for a new Mum
We queue to soak up her soul
To eat it with fine beans and a chianti
In memory of son’s paternal grandmother.
We are as fickle as the peasants at Anne Boelyn’s execution
Craving a reality beyond our dull lives
In a world of sliced pans,
Maybe George’s Mum should shout
‘Let them eat cake’.

© Maire Ryan

I have had one piece previously submitted printed. My name is Maire Ryan McSherry. I have been writing since 2011 primarily poetry, flash fiction and short stories. I live in Wexford Town, near the sea, in Ireland and am Mum to 2 boys. I work fulltime in the financial services sector.