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Monday, 22 July 2013

I Beg Your Pardon

Although a baptised Catholic
- non practising, I confess -
I always found it strange
that the Church of Rome
was resistant to change.
Its views on women priests
and the ban on birth control
are truly symptomatic
of a religious creed
whose tenets are dogmatic.
So what are we to make
of indulgences being offered
to followers of Tweets
of the current pontiff?
All I can think is LOL:
it doesn’t happen often
that the Vatican softens.

© Luigi Pagano

Vatican offers 'time off purgatory' to followers of Pope Francis tweets

Luigi Pagano is a contributor to Poetry 24. He has published three printed collections of his poems and his work has been showcased in several anthologies.


  1. Thoroughly confused as to why this constitutes "poetry": four sentences split at various points for no apparent dramatic/poetic effect; no internal rhymes, no use of rhythms, no heightened imagery; nothing which suggests that any poetic art has gone into the piece. Just four unpoetic sentences arranged (not particulary artfully).

    Incidentally; baffled as to why you are surprised that tenets (or "dogma" - see dictionary) should be dogmatic.

    1. Dear Sir/Madam Anonymous,
      I await with bated breath to read your own poetry. I am always willing to learn what constitutes "poetry".
      I am not 'surprised', nor baffled, that tenets, i.e. beliefs, should be dogmatic.
      You may be thinking that the two words are tautologous.
      What I am surprised about is that you should be so confused. It is patently obvious that you didn't like, nor approve of the piece. Amen.

  2. Ah. Falling back on the "I'd like to see you do better" defence. By which token, of course, only Orson Welles is capable of critiquing "Sex Lives of the Potato Men".

    Enough. I am off to read some real poetry.

  3. I respect the judgement of the editor Michael Holloway, who studied English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Central Lancashire and got his Masters in Writing,
    rather than the vague comments of some smart aleck who cannot air coherent criticism.

  4. My query: "Why does this constitute poetry?" Your response "I'd like to see you do better."

    And you talk about not be able to air coherent criticism?

    1. I respect comments and criticism from all sides but I don't appreciate arrogant, provocative comments that result in nothing but arguing. We accept all sorts of styles of poetry at Poetry24. If Anonymous fails to see why this constitutes as poetry then you probably fail to see what makes poetry "poetry". It's a literary art that uses quality of language to evoke meaning. Thank you for your comments, we strive on debate of language and news, but not with patronising arrogance.