Thursday, 18 July 2013

Dating in a State

I’m hanging around on a dating
In a state
Keyboards covered in tobacco, crisps, sticky with beer
Telling someone I like to climb mountains, 
I’m calm and sensitive and in control 
But I’m typing.. words …I can’t ….see

And I’m starting to spill truths 

“Divorced” “Kids”

“Oh “

I like betting, drinking, smoking ,doing most things to stop me thinking or feeling 


Kids miles away, and I’m up in the air 


Are you still there?

© David R Mellor 2013

David was born in Liverpool in 1964. He left school with nothing, rummaged around various dead end jobs, then back to college and uni. In his 20's he first discovered poetry, starting writing and performing and has done so ever since. I has lived on the Wirral for the past 8 years.