Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Crown

It’s a hat…a party hat!
An exquisite designer hat
A unique, priceless gem of a hat
Not really a very practical hat
No protection against Nature’s petulance
Neither a warm, woolly hat
Nor a windproof, waterproof hat
Nevertheless, it is a hat…
What then is its purpose?
Symbol of simultaneous belonging
Also proclamation of exclusivity
Requiring the ritual of conformity
The metaphoric sizzle of branding
Or testing trial of tattooing…
Football shirts…old school ties
Medals, badges, fluttering flags
Emblazoned with macho images…
Creatures of ferocity or fairytale
Lions, bears, dragons, griffins
Creations of brush, pen, furnace, chisel
All silently saluting segregation…
What of the hat’s traditional wearers?
Leaders chosen by chance or choice
Or created by courage, cruelty, cunning
Now merely a nation’s treasured token
A poster-girl of dated communication
A pin-up of patriotism, power and privilege…
Display of regal pomp and pageantry
Centre of the nation’s sound and light show
Gleaming still but flickering…faltering
Connection with its ancient power source
Becoming steadily more tenuous…
This remains a very special hat
Woven threads of history and legend
But let us not forget…
It is merely a hat!

Queen's 61st year on throne 

        ©Peter Flint