Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sunday Review

Beware, Beware by Luigi Pagano started the week off by reminding us that wild animals remain wild at heart. There's some interesting images in this poem to do with how we react to nature and how wrong we usually are.
We had two poems on Tuesday because they are both short pieces. That's the length, only. They both say quite a lot. 'Buried Alive' and 'For the Carcross Grizzly' by Susan Burch and Kate Prudchenko respectively showed us the power that short poetry can wield as our minds fill in the details.
Lest We Forget  by Carolyn Cornthwaite  on Wednesday gave us the victim's view of a terrible crime mixing strong imagery and sharp observation into a poem that is tough at the same time as tender.
On Thursday David Mellor gave us It's not a Turkish Delight!
which showed the very special attribute that Poetry24 has of intelligent, informed poetry of topicality. I liked the way that the vision of the sweet gave way to the reality of the situation.
Friday's Dog Barbara Boyd-Anderson gave us a look into the harshness of modern day life but showed that if we actually listen we can find solutions. I like the lines 
The stale smell of need lingers on,
in dogs and men in their show of rage;
Fridays poem Someone had this Gr8t idea..came from editorial colleague Abi Wyatt and showed that the economics of daily life are not easing any.
We've been a bit short of submissions this week so I'm asking you all to get busy and getting emailing.
But whatever you do have a good week.