Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunday Reveiw

We had the usual high standard of poetry here this week but, sadly not enough. We did not have a submission to put up on Saturday. If you've got something to say about what's happening in the poor, battered world, now would be a good time.
On Monday though we had Patrick Toland's 'And the Rain is Falling' which made an interesting point about changes in language reflecting changes in the tangible world and in our perceptions of it.
Luigi Pagano, on Tuesday, in "Doctor, Doctor" wrote about the changes afoot in the TV series "Doctor Who"  some of which have been discussed by younger folks in my own household. Luigi's point of view was a great deal more nuanced than the views expressed here, however. I like the last line in the poem having the ambiguous "lies" in it. Personally I hope the next Dr. is played by Sue Perkins.
'Song of the Vote' by Gwen Seabourne was Wednesday's poem  and I liked the image of the The Vote having a say about history and love the line "the word forced through resisting air" which sum up the immensity of the struggle.
Peter Flint's 'The Crown' was Thursday's poem and noted the Queen of England's 61 year on the throne and compared the actuality of the crown to the history embodied by it. I like the way that the crown is shown as being pretty useless as headgear. A nice reminder.
Abigail Wyatt contributed, 'Coming Soon' Friday's poem about the callous treatment of the elderly by "three shiny presenters, glib, well-fed," and by society in general and then made the transition to thinking of it personally. The sort of thing we all do though not quite as skilfully as Abi, in my case, at least. A very good, thought provoking poem.
Winter is getting all bitey on us in New Zealand, I hope you are all warm and safe and writing and sending your poems in. Have a good week.