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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Secret Lives

The problems of this planet
are as bad as they can get
and yet my preoccupation
is for my missing pet.
It’s not that I’ve forgotten
the protests in Istanbul
or the situation in Syria
which we know to be pitiful
nor we must overlook
what happens in Kabul
but our only course of action
is waiting and remain hopeful.
Now I’m thinking of Phoebe
my wandering feline;
she’s gone AWOL before
so there is no need to pine.
It is nearly a month
since she exited the cat-flap
and I can’t help thinking
she’s fallen into a trap.
But she always comes home
whenever she needs food.
In fact here she approaches
in the company… of her brood.

© Luigi Pagano 2013

Luigi Pagano is a contributor to Poetry24 and other websites. My HomePage: http://luigipagano.wix.com/poetry


  1. an entertaining piece, true to life

  2. Hi Susan, thanks for th comment.
    Cats are independent creatures, aren't they? A cat of mine used to disappear for as long as a month. I discovered that he had a second home in a house across a field from us. Being a tom, though, he never brought back a litter.

  3. I enjoyed this, Luigi so apologies for my untimely comments (I was busy writing my poem Tuesday). I think you are very skilled in the way you mix events/messages to highlight the irony of our lives. I also love the way you utilise rhyme to instill humour into your work. Sadly I feel that we (as a people) become desensitized to the atrocities in our world and often overlook them instead to talk about Big Brother or our pets' secret lives. Your poem points this out in a sensitive and skillful way.