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Monday, 24 June 2013

Flooded Memories

We were there,
Eight and half years back;
Trekking the beaten path,
Sipping tea by the shack. 

Shivering under the sheath,
Awestruck by the June wonder;
Only a day before-
The shrine had been snowed under.

I remember it serene,
Though, it had been bustling.   
Breathing in the vastness,
Our lungs were tingling.

A snip glances at the deity
And a nudge to move the line;
A captured memory by the steps,
In a picture treasured so fine.

We had come down running,
Ditching the bends in-between,
Securing steps on brushwood,
Zigzag trek we’d already been.

Now, all that is washed away,
Only the Shrine sits the surge;
While many lives lost,
And prayers submerged 

©Himani Rawat Nayal

Kedarnath Temple survives flash floods

Himani Rawat Nayal blogs here.


  1. Very poignant. I've been reading about these floods and the devastation they have caused. Amazing that the shrine survived.