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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Doctor, Doctor..

My goodness, gracious me,
it cannot possibly be:
the Doctor’s new shipmate
was actually seen to osculate
the Time Lord in the Tardis.
But was it an innocent kiss?
In the light of that episode
I feel spurred to write an ode
to record the mixed reactions,
with some advocating sanctions
whilst others, giving approval,
speak of the series’ renewal.
Purists are known to profess
they’re sure the Doctor is sexless
and a notion that they try to flog
is that he doesn’t need to snog.
As for me, I am not at all wise
where progress eventually lies.

© Luigi Pagano 2013

Luigi Pagano is a contributor to Poetry24. He has been featured in several anthologies and has published three poetry collections.


  1. Great fun, and we all hold our breath as we await the future of DR WHO...sexless? Hmmmm
    Well done, Luigi...

    1. Cheers Barbara, much appreciated. It was fun to write about the alien from Gallifrey facing a greater danger than ever: the lure of a passionate companion.
      Rumours abound that he will be reincarnated into a she. Can't wait.
      Best, Luigi xxx