Thursday, 20 June 2013

Deeds Not Words

Confronted with injustice, I unleash
some tightly reasoned, strongly worded letter,

and know you dreadnought athletes of the Cause,
were higher, faster, stronger, braver,

©Gwen Seabourne

My hero: Emily Wilding Davison

Gwen Seabourne is a university lecturer specialising in law and history. She also likes to write poems and has had a number published in various collections and magazines and on BBC R4 Poetry Please. She is part of a team organising events to commemorate the centenary of the 1913 suffrage campaigns. See   'Deeds Not Words' was the WPSU motto and is also the inscription on the tomb of Emily Wilding Davison.


  1. Great poem, Gwen - you manage to use the minimum of words in a very powerful way. I am always in awe of poets when I see such work.