Monday, 3 June 2013

Beware, Beware

Beware, beware.
The tiger prowls
inside his cage,
full of frustration  .
and pent up rage.
It pads around,
round and about,
and his menacing look
tells us to keep out.

Take care, take care.
The tiger growls
and his guttural sound
deep from its throat
keeps us spellbound;
it leaves no doubt
that it is the last warning:
keep out,
keep out.

Please watch him carefully,
See how he scowls.
To unlatch the gate
and invade his domain
is tempting fate.
Before you act
be sure to scout
but your wisest move
is to keep out.

© Luigi Pagan

Female zoo worker killed in tiger attack

Luigi Pagano is a contributor to Poetry24 and other websites. Author of various poetry collections and e-books.