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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

'Buried Alive' and 'For the Carcross Grizzly'

buried alive

buried alive
in a collasped factory
for 17 days
she prayed
to be saved

©Susan Burch

Susan Burch resides in Hagerstown, MD and loves trying to capture a moment in just 5 lines.

For the Carcross Grizzly

Bear, let me kiss 
your dusty tired feet, 
begging forgiveness 
for the ugliness of humanity. 

©Kate Prudchenko

Kate Prudchenko’s poems and fiction have appeared in journals, magazines and anthologies in the US, UK and Canada. She lives in Los Angeles and tweets @kprudchenko.

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  1. Kate, I love the anger in your poem - it really gets your point across with a lingering emotional impact!

    Susan Burch

  2. Susan, thank you very much. His untimely and unnecessary death had quite an impact on me.

  3. Hi Susan, really enjoyed the quickness and economy of your lines in juxtaposition with the days that the woman spent waiting.

  4. Thank you Kate. I appreciate your comment and will cross my fingers that we both get some comments from the readers out there :)

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    Nice to see your post..Your poem is such a impressive one..line by line i enjoyed reading that and let your job continues...

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  6. Susan and Kate,
    Wonderful work. I love the bare minimum of words to tell such a big story, the short form poem does this so well. Maire

  7. Kate Prudchenko14 July 2013 at 18:40

    Thank you very much.