Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sunday review

Siobhan McLaughlin's  poem 'Aleppo' started off the week reminding us of the horror of war arguably being best described by poetry. The comment on the poem by Mari talks about the rhythm in the poem and they are maintained very well.
'Catwalking in Catastrophe' by Peter Flint  on Tuesday did an excellent job of contrasting the situations that humans are finding themselves in and the florid extravagance that is based upon exploitation. 
Luigi Pagano's "Behind the Facade' talked about the Cleveland kidnappings and showed how thin our civilisation can be. I like the way that the poem considers the future in the last stanza. Life must go on and part of that is trying to understand what happened and why.
Ajit Sherawat's 'Sarabjeet - The twenty two years' illuminated a case that I had not heard of before and emphasised the pawn-like existence that people in the wrong place at the wrong time can get trapped in.
Steve Pottinger's 'Angelina' illustrated that real insight can come from unlikely places. I like the description of Gary drinking the silence. 
I am sure that all Poetry24 readers and contributors would join with me in wishing a speedy recovery to fellow editor Abi Wyatt who is a bit unwell at the moment. Take it easy Abi, and get well soon. have a good week, everybody and keep the submissions coming.