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Thursday, 9 May 2013

NHS 111

Viewers who remember
Dr. Finlay’s casebook
know that a phone call
was all that it took
to send the good medic
to a patient’s bedside
where the most sympathetic
treatment could be applied.
But the human touch
was thought less than perfect
so it was substituted
by the NHS direct.
This then became
NHS one-one-one.
It is long distance care
that should suit everyone.
Yet nothing but frustration
awaits callers who dial;
the service is chaotic,
the authorities are in denial.
Everything is being done
in the name of progress
but though more is promised
we get less and less.

© Luigi Pagano

NHS 111 service 'chaotic and fragmented'

Luigi Pagano is a contributor to Poetry24 and other websites. He has published three poetry collections the latest of which is Poetry On Tap (Available at Amazon.co.uk).


Philip Johnson said...

close acute beds
empty wards
A&E is now

a police station

guard against adversity
take the sick to church
the ministry

of modern medicine

see how Canute did turn back the tide
and how the tide enjoyed the kings word
so much

it comes back in
and goes out again
day in

day out

day after day
after day

our daily bread is so austere


Anonymous said...

Agree, it's a topsy-turvy world.

Carolyn Cornthwaite said...

Great poem Luigi - I like the use of rhyme to present an (almost) humorous look at the situation.

Luigi Pagano said...

I thank everyone who have commented, it is very much appreciated. I also apologise for the tardy reply.