Thursday, 30 May 2013

It's Like That in China

(Title taken from an anonymous comment made on the Internet)

After the miracle of birth,
another miracle, this time
the miracle of survival:
this tiny, fierce spark of life
hangs on in there
and refuses to give up.
Two days, they say,
when every breath was a struggle
and a lifetime teetered
in  the balance:
years, loves,
everything it might
mean to us
to be wholly,
joyously alive.

But some of us, it seems,
barely see the child
and so we miss also
the wonder,
seizing instead,
on the chance
to feel smug and point
the grubby finger of blame.

Look at the rescuers, though,
as they peel away the pipe;
see how their faces
are transfused
by their humanity.
It's like that in China:
a child is saved
that they - and we -
may hope for life's best.

© Abigail Wyatt

Baby saved from toilet pipe in China

Abigail writes poetry and short fiction whenever life allows her to do so.  She has a bad cold, a bad arm, and a major part in a murder mystery which is due to be staged at Carnkie early in June. David, her partner, is fond of saying that she takes on far too much. Just occasionally, she thinks he may have a point. She can be contacted via Poetry24.