Wednesday, 22 May 2013

If Ukip Want To ... This Guy's Not A Kipper!

We couldn’t bear to get pally
With those awful plebs in the valley
We’re sure that they’re simply not nice
Because we read every grim tale
In our grail Daily Mail
Of course we all pay our taxes
While each of them just relaxes
And lives off the fat of the land
They’re all lounging and scrounging
In free houses and flats
With more kids than Family Planning had planned
This is only just one of their perks
Scarcely one of them works
I wish that someone would please explain
It just doesn’t make sense
That while we mugs pay their rents
Our savings disappear down the drain
With each large benefit hand-out
Surely no-one possibly can doubt
That something’s gone terribly wrong
They’ve over-sized tellies
Plus over-sized bellies
And excuses just drip off their tongue
While we’ve scrimped and saved
Been discreet, well-behaved
They have been having a ball
Soon we'll have our backs to the wall
Now I don’t want to scare ya
But all the folks in Bulgaria
Will soon pour over here in their droves
We’ll just have to give up our car,
Champagne, caviar
Queue at Sainsbury’s food-bank for loaves
Yes the outlook seems bleak
But we won’t whinge or shriek
We won’t riot or even complain
We’ll keep a stiff upper-lip
Take a very firm grip
Then move to one of our villas in Spain!

© Peter Flint

Des Lynam endorses Ukip ... in song!

Peter is 77, belongs to Rossington Writers' Group, Doncaster, and writes short stories and poems  for his grandchildren. He taught for forty years...mainly English.