Thursday, 2 May 2013

Blood Red Dress

For your daughter
You buy,
A scarlet dress
Shot with silver shimmering thread,
Pure white bolero cardigan,
Ankle socks,
Five pairs of them
Trimmed with broderie anglaise
And an ersatz Cath Kidston handbag,
All for less than twenty euro.

At home, on the television
In the heat of Bangladesh,
Survivors hurtle
Down fabric makeshift slides
Over rubble,
Over dead bodies,
Three hundred, they have estimated.

You hear,
The next day,
Still being hauled
From under heavy dry rubble.
The number of dead has risen,
Close to four hundred and
Primark say,
They'll compensate
The victims' families,
The orphaned children.

And all this
So your daughter can wear,
A scarlet dress
With shimmering

© Angela Finn

Primark to aid Bangladesh disaster families

Angela Finn lives in Dublin. She has been shortlisted for the Francis MacManus and Penguin Short Story competitions 2012 and came third in the 2013 Fish Short Memoir competition.