Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A Star in the Sky

It’s time for a new destination.
Just fill out a short application.
The prize is a trip to the stars.
You’ll land, if you’re chosen, on Mars.

No need for your rose-colored glasses.
This planet all others surpasses
In redness, as evidence shows.
La vie over there is en rose.

You may want a book in your backpack.
And maybe a super-sized snack sack.
The trip will take 200 days,
Assuming there won’t be delays.

There won’t be a guy there to greet you,
Or natives or waiters to meet you,
No cocktails or food on a tray.
You won’t find a pub or café.

We know you’re resourceful and clever
And ready for such an endeavor.
You’ll figure out how to grow food.
If not, you’re most certainly screwed.

We trust you’re adaptable, always.
You will not find fountains in hallways.
On Mars, there’s no lake and no sea.
No problem:  Recycle your pee.

The landscape is truly attractive.
The air may be radioactive,
But if you get cancer up there,
We really won’t bother or care.

Instead, we will watch as you wither.
We’ll follow you hither and thither
With interest, while sipping our tea.
You will be a star on TV.

Imagine the gold for our station,
The drama, the series’ duration!
We’ll call it “The Star in the Sky.”
It runs till the day that you die.

© Vala Hafstad

Applicants wanted for a one-way ticket to Mars

Vala Hafstad lives in Iceland. She finds inspiration for her poems in strange news.