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Saturday, 27 April 2013


That’s a tanning studio
That’s a chippy
That’s a tanning studio

That’s a hairdressers

Empty shop
Empty shop
Empty shop

That’s a smoke free Wetherspoons

That’s a closed pub
That’s a closed pub
That’s a closed pub

That’s a couple strapped
for cash

That’s a family next door
whose giro
couldn’t last

That’s a fake tan
That’s a discarded chip paper
That’s another fake tan

That’s just a street
come to the end

© David Mellor

Small shop closures are progress, says ex-Tesco boss


  1. board it up
    the poem's done
    put down pen

    drive in the last nail

    the rent bill waits
    a Winston in hand
    not enough

    not good enough

    Tories again in office
    paying off the rich
    the poor

    paying off the national debt


    A fine piece, David. A poem I have been trying to write for years made to look easy (but it isn't).


  2. thank you Its actually about the street i live by (in the video)
    It wrote itself....

  3. I loved this poem, David - the simplicity and tightness of the words somehow echoing the emptiness of our high streets. It paints a bleak yet honest picture.