Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Young Malala was shot at point blank range in the head.
Not in the arm or the leg - they wanted her dead.
They did not want her to have an education.
They had not counted on her determination.

Showed Resilience.

She had life saving surgery in the UK.
Yes, her speech is impaired, but may improve one day
She is alive and is more determined today
Just a child yet they tried to take her life away

Now Fighting Back.

She survived this terrible attempt on her life
she will be educated, may become a wife
They will not decide what she has or has not got
they will never be able to decide her lot.

Mind, Soul, Health Stronger.

Media cameras flash.
She flashes a smile of elation
Camera shutters fire.
Shot after shot after shot
Point blank bullets didn't kill her determination
it just increased her resolve
To fight for the right of girls to have education
So much inner strength in one so young.

Flashback to earlier news.

Her voice shakes but is assured
speaks of her happiness.
This first day back at school
A testament to her courage
A light for other girls to follow.

Today she launches her counter attack
an assault on those who wished her dead
by launching her charity to fund girls education .

They may have shot her in the head but she has won through and they may have shot themselves in the foot instead.

© Graham Robinson

Malala Yousafzai and Angelina Jolie launch school fund