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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Boston 15th April 2013

The clouds fell and drifted and people appeared in the dust.
And we saw blood and silent screaming photos from three thousand
miles away. And above them, The Lennox, and the American flag
and the sky dotted between ash and debris.
And a glance of fire burst in blameless faces.
Yellow fluorescent jackets made swarms of confusion
and the words Physician, Police and Adidas.
And the tears in the eyes of a girl holding a man and
the blood spilled and stained the flag
next to a giant m&m mascot, ignorantly grinning.
A girl wrapped in foil. Her feet red and dirty and
a man’s legs gone, now a sharp stick of bone and his mouth
in an O shape, screaming, in a wheelchair,
crossing the finish line. And we all watched and
they lay on the ground in the deep, sinewy blood shapes,
as the clouds faded and showed the time: 4:09:55

© Michael Holloway

Michael was born in Liverpool in 1985. He studied English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Central Lancashire until 2008 and graduated with his Masters in Writing from Liverpool John Moores University in 2012. He has written a number of novels, which are currently unpublished, and often writes short stories and poetry. He also works with PIYE magazine. He is now one of the editors of Poetry24.

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  1. An incisive and realistic portrayal of the horrific act perpetrated by some lunatic in Boston on that fateful day and witnessed by millions of aghast viewers. Your description is like a photograph of an event frozen in time.