Friday, 12 April 2013

Alcohol Is To Be Restricted

I’m sorry madam, it’s not your age, put your ID card away.
Wine is not the answer, won’t clear the memories of abuse
and – on the whole – such simple pleasures are
just for honest tax-payers to use.

Now sir, I’m sure, that you’re well aware no top-ups feature on the
list of essential items that your gift card can provide –
so you might miss an interview – but mobiles are
a privilege – restricted from your kind.

And tobacco, that’s a no-no and
I’m sure that you’ll agree,
you’re honoured that us tax-payers
take your health so seriously.

No ma’am it’s not possible to shop just where you want.
At markets? Where the traders give bruised apples out for free?
This card is for a major chain; come now –
apples and a cheery smile won’t fix our economy.

© Carolyn Cornthwaite

Asda welfare cards to be given to Birmingham's poor

Carolyn writes poetry sporadically or relentlessly (depending on the season) and is influenced by travel, former careers and people watching. She dreams of Booker Prizes and a life in France.