Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sunday Review

We started the week with "Jack's Alright" by Laura Taylor which pretty conclusively shows that things with Jack are decidedly not right. There is a lot in this poem that is arrow-straight into the modern human condition.
Haikus made a welcome appearance at Poetry24 from Máire Morrissey-Cummins. I love these small, dense poems about such a wretched episode.
 The Magdalene story was revisited by Jessica Traynor in 'An Education in Silence" on Wednesday. We can take some hope from such good poems arising out of such terrible times
On Thursday Barbara Gabriel's poem 'Step on a Crack' highlighted the sex-trade in young girls through the example of Latino girls being traded. Poetry does not get much more hard-hitting than this and we are honoured to be able to publish this poem.
John Saunders' 'Sacrifice' told simply, yet powerfully, of the decision made by Burmese monks to burn themselves to death as a political process. There is great dignity in this poem and great bravery.
Caroline Hurley's poem 'Collectable Things' pointed out the rather abysmal record that we have as stewards of the environment and also compared it to our  personal relationships.
Well it was a challenging week of poetry that confronts us with the less stellar sides of our natures. As such it performs a vital task if it can keep us honest. As I mentioned there is a a fair amount of the better sides of our natures on display from the poets, themselves. Thanks very much to everyone who contributed and please keep it up. We always need more submissions. Have a good week.