Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sunday review

On Monday Philip Johnson showed us the irony of the situation that "The Desert Rats" find themselves in 'Cardboard Boxes'. They may well be back to playing in boxes as they used to as children. 
Luigi Pagano in 'Decision Time' also showed us some of the irony of the sutation that The Falklands Islands find themselves in being such a far-flung piece of the UK.
In Thursday's '12 Men are Gone Today' David Mellor brought a sobering statistic to our notice which is the sort of thing that Poetry24 is so good at.
David Subacchi's poem 'Slipping Away' gave a well considered view at what may be going on inside the head of the recently retired Pope.
While Clodagh Beresford Dunne gave us all a feeling for how the election of the new Pope feels to his congregation in 'Pope'.
We also received  'foreword to spring' by Philip Johnson and thought that we would include in the Sunday review for us all to feel some Springtime.
Have a good week.

foreword to spring

last week we dared take picnic lunches
as the sun had warmth which lingered
a little longer into the evening

flowers in bud 
lit a smile on your face
which this morning upturned
how some


on frosted glass
outside the window 

Philip Johnson