Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sunday Review

This week  we began the week with 'Of Popes and Prelates' by Andrew Johnson who brought us the spectacle of the swearing on of the Archbishop of Canterbury and reminded us of the mismatch between the teachings of the the Christian church and its actual practice. As Andrew says: 'A camel and/ the eye of  a needle/ spring to mind.'

Then, skipping Tuesday, we went on to Wednesday and 'Miss Plath's Father Calls Sylvia for School' by regular, Noel Loftus. A response to a story  about the perils of social networking sites, this was a very clever piece that challenged us to spot the Plath allusions. Well done, Noel. It was an original idea and skillfully executed.

Thursday brought us Carolyn Cornthwaite's 'If The World Ends..' which was, as one of our readers observed, 'a powerfully written poem'. Carolyn reminds us - and, sadly, it seems that world does need to be reminded - that the problems of rape and sexual violence against women cannot be addressed by inflicting restrictive and punitive measures on the victim. If you have not yet read this poem I suggest that you do so immediately.

Friday brought us back to Noel Loftus with Sundowning and the cuts to be made to elder care in Ireland. Generally speaking, we try to restrict individual poets to one poem per week. Rules are made to be broken, though, and this week we did exactly that.

Finally, on Saturday, we closed the week's offerings with Damien Healey's 'Rael Pale' which opens with the stark and powerful line 'Peace is just a word without actions' and brings us the affecting image of  'a father holding his lifeless son'. 

On behalf of us all here at Poetry24 I would like to thank all the above contributors for their continued support. Please, everyone, do continue to submit your work. (You can find the full guidelines here.) We try to respond within a two week period but sometimes this is difficult so we don't mind at all if you query. Here's wishing you sunshine and chocolate. 

Best wishes from Abi