Thursday, 21 March 2013

Schools Out

He wants us to sit in rows
like Victorian school children,
but we won't learn about them
while we are young,
instead we will study
events we are not old enough
to understand, they happened
so long ago.
We will learn our times tables
all the way to twelve,
perhaps Britain will leave Europe
and we will back to pounds, shillings
and pence,
so this makes sense.
Dates, and places and verse
will be drummed into us
til we are a nation of parrots
no ability to think, or act;
automatons for a robotic space age.
What do they know that they
are not telling us? 

© Niamh Hill

100 Academics savage education secretary

Niamh Hill is a former accountant and primary school teacher on a career break, indulging in yoga, reading and writing.