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Friday, 1 March 2013


Your final act
using what is yours
to make the point
you are in control
and they cannot
diminish your dissent.

You have righteousness.
This is the end of you
and all they can do
is watch you abandon
your young body,
unable to punish.
You have won, Bozu.

© John Saunders

Two Tibetan monks self-immolate as anti-China protests continue

John Saunders' First Collection After the Accident was published in 2010 by Lapwing Publications, Belfast. His second full collection Chance is available is due for publication in March 2013 by New Binary Press


  1. John's book is available now at http://NewBinaryPress.com/Bookstore.html

    A wonderful collection!

  2. Pointed and brutal
    Well done, John
    Although suicide really is a losers game
    Who won, exactly?
    I missed the final score


  3. I wouldn't call it a loser's game. In this context, the Tibetan monk's self-immolation was a point of protest. The line: 'They cannot diminish your dissent' means exactly what the title suggests, 'Sacrfice.' It's not about dying, it's about standing up and making a point in the most sacrificial and selfless way.

  4. Fair point my excuse is I'm a born cynic