Saturday, 30 March 2013

Rael Pale

Peace is just a word without actions,
No matter what intentions are behind it.
We have heard it all before behind the whimper of mothers crying.
It’s been seen in the pitiful pleas of a father holding his lifeless son.
The differences between the two of us,
Our beliefs and a sheet of skin.
Vying for a piece of barren, useless land,
Killing our neighbors over a two-bit piece of real estate.
Both brought up to believe each other is wrong,
Skewed history and patriotic songs taught to the innocent masses.
One supported by a very big brother,
The other, friends with misled individuals.
But everyone agrees that if we do not find a solution,
All that will be left are real pale corpses on the barren streets of our territories.

© Damien Healy

Barack Obama passes separation wall on road to Bethlehem

Damien Healy is from Dublin, Ireland but has been living in Osaka, Japan for the past twenty years. He holds an MA in Applied Linguistics and teaches English at university. He loves poetry about nature and has recently found the time and energy to read and write some. He has been published in The Ofipress and Spinozablue.