Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Miss Plath’s Father Calls Sylvia For School

Let us not try to rhyme this right through!
Your Mammy’s not morning, like you!
But be a good girl, and be true.
No, Bell Jar’s not needed for class.

I’ve opened your curtains. Your brother
Is eating his breakfast. And yours.
Did you pack off your best hockey stick?
I thought you were fourteen. Still do.

Daughter, for the love of St. Jude!
We called you on time. It’s true.
I don’t know what Project Maths means.
How many more showers do you need?

And none touched the cold tap. It’s true.
He was never Colossus, or true.
How many black tights do you have?
Now I know Ariel wasn’t you.

Porridge! And orange juice too!
Oh child, you were certainly not
Born with cheeks of that metal. That hue.
Braces always melt into a smile.

© Noel Loftus

Noel Loftus is a member of ward9writers based in Mayo and enjoys very short bursts of inspiration tempered by long periods of work.