Friday, 15 February 2013


It will not do
The destruction
of ancient books
in Timbuktu

These were not new
or modern works
Lies of the west
Things to eschew

Vengeful adieu
Burning their own
texts and Korans
All that is true

And we've no clue
but hope to find
for culture’s sake
fate spared a few

You’ve come in view
Oh end of Earth
Like other spots
we never knew

A strange milieu
What irony
The savior’s come
Red white and blue

But wrecking crew
Will they return
when legions leave
to follow through?

© E. R. Olsen

Ancient Manuscripts In Timbuktu Reduced To Ashes

E. R. Olsen writes poetry and practices law in Nevada, where he lives with his wife and four children.  His poems have appeared  in various U.S. magazines and journals, and will be included in the upcoming issue of Naugatuck River Review.