Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday Review

The week at Poetry24 started with a reminder that rising tides don't always raise everyone equally, so to speak, from  James Besant's 'Swallowed'. I like the mention of the "voice in the dark" which has the feeling of helplessness in the face of nature about it.
Craig Guthrie's 'Harry' gave a nicely done look at  political decisions made by governments and how it can mean that sometimes we have to take a side at a personal level.
In his second appearance in the week James Besant extracted the urine from an all too common facet of professional sport in 'Hazard'.
David Mellor's 'Pushed Over' on Thursday really hit the mark as the world gets faster and faster and workers get squeezed evermore. It's like a jungle sometimes, but, as poets, we carry the best machetes.
Abi Wyatt's 'Locked In'  followed up and re-enforced the message that we're all getting a bit more locked in.
Peter Goulding's 'Scourge the Bastard' finished up the week with a poem about decriminalizing drugs which drew attention to way that society reacts to any thought of that. Strangely enough, there are double standards involved.
A good week reflecting a few worrying trends that are emerging in the world. There must be more things that you could write about, we would even like some happy poems! So submit your poem today!!