Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday Review

This week we began with Csilla Toldy's Danube-Duel. `This was about the rising 'rabid' right-wing politics in Hungary which had been recently attacking Gypsies with virulent anti-semitism and its xenophobi Christian Nationanalism. I particularly liked the feeling of aggressive imprisonment in this poem, ending with the ominous 'sulphuric silence.'

We then had High Occupany by Maeve O'Sullivan on Tuesday. The oddity of this story – one about a man who was arrested for having a skeleton in his car so he could use the carpool lane – caught our attention which its strange humour and a surreal blackness.

Wednesday we had Out of Their Mouths Are They Convicted? By our own Abigail Wyatt.  This was a strong piece in it appearance and form. The story was about an elder person found with rotting flesh on him. It was something Abigail felt strongly about, writing in the aggressive irony of 'The nursing home / was treating him well.'

On Thursday we had The Big Issue by David Subacchi. There were a string of murders of Big Issue sellers and this poem highlights the sad loss of them. There is the poignant, guilt-heavy line of 'There are blood stains / Spreading on the cover.'

And for Saturday we chose Her Name is Reeva by Janine Booth. This was a strong and very recent news story that we wanted to put out. It was about then death of Reeva Steenkamp who was killed by her boyfriend, Oscar Pistorious. The poem was giving the identity back to Reeva since the media had been labeling her as the dead girlfriend of Oscar Pistorious, an unnamed celebrity.

We're usually sifting through piles of poetry but as usual we need more, and as the news changes you can write more.

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