Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Out of Their Mouths Are They Convicted?

Retired master baker dies: Cornwall coroner says care home wasn't negligent.

(Negligent | adjective | failing to take proper care)

Concerns were raised 

over rotting flesh,
an inquest heard last week

when an ambulance crew,
arriving at the scene,
became concerned 

for their patient's well being.

The patient, on being
discharged from hospital,
had been relocated to 
a Camborne nursing home.

Mr Reginald Stone was ninety-six
and he suffered from dementia;
he also had diabetes
and serious heart disease.
He had fallen 
eight months earlier
and fractured his calf.

When the ambulance came
he was in a lot of pain
and the smell from his room
was unbearable.

He had worn his cast
for fourteen weeks.
It was leaking rotting
flesh and goo.

There were pressure sores

around his knee
but a PC found no evidence

of wrongdoing.

Still, the pathologist
went on record
expressing his surprise:

There was this smell,
he told the inquest
and nobody did anything about it.

If you smell something

you have to try

to figure [it] out.

Mr Stone's GP regretted the fact
that the smell wasn't
brought to his attention.

There was, however, no negligence,
he said. The nursing home
was treating him well.

© Abigail Wyatt, 2013

Vulnerable 96year old man found with rotting flesh in Camborne

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