Monday, 25 February 2013

Jack's Alright

Alright Jack? And how are you today?
Any propaganda to repeat?
No red-top headlines, green-inked bile,
that you’d like to regurgitate for me?
I’m all ears for your misplaced fears,
for the glowing generalities that glitter when you speak
for the bandwagon slander littering your speech

What about the ‘scroungers’ who live across the street?
The ones with the Blackberry and Sky TV?
Living off your taxes, lying on their backs,
according to the gospel of the right-wing rags.
If it’s in the papers then it’s obviously true!

You’re a hard-working family, a ‘striver’ to be sure,
and the ‘shirkers’ over there, they earn 20k a year!
Jack, you know it doesn’t go into their  pauper’s purse
The landlord gets the benefit, and they live on a pittance,
deflating by the day to bleed them dry

They lost their jobs a year ago, and now they’re on their arse bones,
feeding from the food banks funded by the network
of Tory boys and greedy chums with crafty plans ahoy

But there isn’t any bread, and there’s no fresh veg,
no milk or meat or dignity to dine on
Their Sky TV was cut off but the dish remains in place
‘cause Murdoch can’t be arsed to take it down
And the Blackberry? It’s dead, without a dime to call the time

But don’t let this impede the yellow mantra you repeat
as a talisman against redundancy
Just close your ears and shut your eyes
and pray your acts of Daily Fail
will help you stay a ‘striver’ all your life

God forbid you lose your foot upon the rung

© Laura Taylor

Wage war on shirkers

Laura Taylor has been writing and performing poetry for just over two years and has finally found a space in which to air her grievances with Authority. Her Writeoutloud profile is