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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Heavenly Laundry

I fell in love with a fella,
that was my only crime.
Before my belly swelled,
they had to put me away.

Eleven hours a day
I scrubbed clean
all remnants of my sin.

As tears merged
with murky waters,
sheets of fallen women,
my memories, like the stains
began to fade.

After that day
I pushed him into this world,
I never saw him again.
He had red hair,
just like his da.

©Maeve Heneghan

Maeve Heneghan is a native of County Dublin.  She has been writing poetry and short stories for a number of years now and has had some of her work published with First Cut, Verse land,  Static Poetry and Every Day Poets.

Magdalene laundry report


  1. Strong writing, Maeve. An absolute disgrace what happened to these women, more so because the government of the time knew what was happening.

  2. Thank you Eamon. One would wonder with this country when will shocking revelations of one kind of another eventually cease. :(


  3. Very Sad, Meave!


    XXAmy Barry Barry

  4. Heartbreaking Maeve, wonderful write, I hope they get an apology and some payment for their services all those years. Maire

  5. Thank you all for your comments. Yes I hope these poor women get their overdue and well deserved apology and compensation. :(