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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Royal Pardon

A Prince should act with dignity, not cut ungainly capers,
Unless he wants his manhood to appear in all the papers.
Such was the case with Harry, who cavorted just for fun,
And whose weapons-grade equipment duly showed up in the Sun.

It was awful, it was horrid, it was not the kind of tone
That the Murdoch press expected of a chip from off the Throne.
But now he's back from serving in a lovely bit of war –
And how the tabloids' tone has changed from what has gone before!

A helicopter pilot may by hazard come a-cropper,
When partying in Vegas, by the flashing of his chopper.
But journalists forgive a Royal taking off his togs,
If he should go to Asia and blow up sufficient wogs.

© Philip Challinor, 2013


  1. Good morning Phillip!

    Well said! Enjoy this.


  2. Cracking poem, Philip! I love the last stanza especially. Such fun!

  3. ha, ha that's great! a good poem like this really puts a smile on my face

  4. Thanks, all. As a matter of fact, the last stanza was the first to come out. I thought of submitting it as a stanzalone, but decided a bit of build-up would be better.