Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Proper Love

It’s a matter of perspective.
It matters where you stand.
A says stoutly she knew the law
but chose to play the dice;
B that she was stupid
but does not deserve to die.
C pleads indifference and does not care;
D speaks of ‘just deserts’;
E deplores the use of drugs
and praises those who kill.
Me, though, what do I think?
I am glad I am not called upon to judge.
From the far, high ground and looking down,
these things may yet be blurred.
The focus shifts, a mist rolls down.
It matters where you stand.
To see her folly and feel her pain
is not to miss the point;
is not to make excuses
but may teach us proper love.

© Abigail Wyatt, 2013

Death sentence passed on British woman

Abigail Wyatt was born in Essex but now lives in Cornwall where she writes poetry and short fiction and tries not to get into too much trouble. She can be found on Facebook and blogs at