Saturday, 26 January 2013

Prisoner at Home

The man at no.3 has been taken prisoner.
I can see it now when I look into his eyes
that there is no coming out of his coma,
when I place my hand against his it passes through him like a ghost.
The Politian shouts that he is “מתים המהלכים" (The Walking Dead)
but he doesn’t hear that his house is marked X.

He surrounds himself with heirlooms
passed down through the hands of spirit family members
who visit now and then when the door is left ajar;
but make no sound for fear of distressing his heart.
In his eyes I see anguish and I see so much joy.
In his eyes I see pain and I see a lifetime of love and faith.
In his eyes I see proudness for a beautiful daughter and son and I see fear for these same peoples' lives.

When I visit again,
his body may be translucent and white as snow.
His organs as bright as flowers sprouting in his blood,
but he will teach me how to see with immortal eyes.
Sleep like I’m feigning death but awake, so awake
to watch the beauty of his world burn away in war.

© Katie Beviss

Palestinians threaten to sue Israel over settlements

Katie Beviss grew up in England. As a child she found a way to express herself through writing. She has been writing poetry since she was eleven and wouldn’t know how to stop.