Monday, 7 January 2013

Nollaig Na mBan

(In Ireland, the feast of the epiphany is known as ‘Nollaig na mBan’, or ‘Women’s Christmas’)

It’s all over the radio this year
as if no-one ever noticed it before -
all talk of women celebrating
with their ‘women’s foods’
(goose and tea as opposed to the men’s
Christmas of whiskey and beef).

Well thanks a bunch for this grey-washed
little nothing of a day, tangled up
in broken Christmas lights,
the pudding still mouldering
in the back of the press
like a rusted civil war-era bomb.

What I wish for now is a day disrobed,
shivering in a slicing wind,
to remind us that this is no ‘little’ Christmas
but a day for casting the mind
past shedding pine trees,
through January’s darkness
to search for the horizon’s light;
a little more promised each day.

© Jessica Traynor

Are You Celebrating Women's Christmas?

Jessica Traynor is a Dublin poet. Her poems have appeared in SouthWord, the SHOp and the Moth and she has won the Listowel Poetry Prize. Her blog is