Saturday, 5 January 2013

Last of the Jarrow Marchers

He didn’t walk three hundred miles
Just the final stages
But he outlived them all
The last of the Jarrow Marchers
In nineteen thirty six
Protesting against poverty
And closure of the shipyard
Two hundred unemployed men
Marched down to London
With eleven thousand signatures
For respect and recognition

Now Con Sheils aged ninety six
Has completed life’s long journey
To join his comrades in heaven
Behind the golden gates
Rage against poverty
Rage against hunger
Rage against unemployment
Rage against exploitation
To the tune of the harmonica band
Con Sheils last of the Jarrow Marchers
Has reached his destination.

©David Subacchi.2013

Last Jarrow marcher dies

David Subacchi is a well known poet and performer of his work especially in Wales and the North West of England. He loves to write about the news and is a regular contributor to Poetry 24. His collection ‘First Cut’ was published by Cestrian Press earlier this year.