Tuesday, 8 January 2013

It's Breaking News

I’m breaking under the news
No sooner has the bullet left the barrel it’s
Splashed on the news
It’s relentless with no rhyme or reason given
It’s heart breaking news

We’ll go directly to the scene to catch the first tear
Of a relative before the camera rolls on
Leaving behind the grief

Because……. wait for it …….
We have news coming in
They’ve killed another one

And now that place is on the map and we’ll camp outside the relatives' houses, no holding back

Because we wait for heartbreaking news
Of someone who deserves not a second of our time
But is on everyone's lips
And those who have gone

have no name

copyright©David R Mellor 2013

Switzerland: gunmen kills three

David was born in Liverpool in 1964. He left school with nothing, rummaged around various dead end jobs, then back to college and uni. In his 20's he first discovered poetry, starting writing and performing and has done so ever since. I has lived on the Wirral for the past 8 years.