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Monday, 14 January 2013


Shrewd intentions
Covered under
A Foggy blanket and mist
To cross the border
And stab brothers in the back
Chopping off heads
Looting things
Is shameful!

A glass of bravery
A bowl of humanity
A small plate full of honesty
And less self-righteousness
Would have been better!

 © Aparna Pathak 2013
 Aparna Pathak is from India. She is Graduate in English (Honours) and Post Graduate in Public Relations. She is a blogger and her work is already being published in various anthologies and magazines all over the world.


  1. This is timely.It is unfortunate that it happened on the Indian borders perpetrated by Pakistani Army setting aside all the principles of humanity and every military ethos. The poem shows the grief of the poet.
    Tribhawan Kaul

    1. Many thanks Tribhawan kaul ji. yeah its really painful to see such things happening around us. we can only hope for better tomorrow.