Thursday, 3 January 2013

Holy Housework or a Fresh Start

Today we must shake out our spotted sheets
and bring our soiled linen to the light;
we must fall on our knees confessing our faults
and scour our kitchens for stains;
and with what stern purpose we must seek
those specks that infect our murky hearts,
sweep them out and sluice them down,
that our starkest imperfections be undone.
And, today, too, we must lather and scrub
till our sins are all rinsed clean;
when our souls will shine like brand new pins
where seraphim may dance if they will;
and today we must launder the rags of our guilt,
and lift and beat the carpets of our shame;
bleach the great bowl of our wanton lust
and not omit to scrub around the rim.
We must roll up our sleeves and find mete grace
in the scalding and the starching of our hearts,
our salvation in our cooking pots and
our glory in the great gift of our days.
All this we must do with a blessing on our lips
and humility and patience in our hearts.
Father, you forget: we are half of all there is;
and we think we will be handmaids no more.

© Abigail Wyatt

Priest attacks women for not cleaning their houses

Abigail Wyatt lives in confusion near Redruth in Cornwall where she is heading straight for damnation. She does as little housework as possible and frequently serves cold dinners.