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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Here Comes the Sun

Sun factor fifty sits idly on the glass shelf with the ‘deet’.
Pure aloe gel is starting to turn in the fridge, a faded sticker highlights the clearly stated ‘use by’ date of January.
Wax strips with complimentary dry body oil stay sealed in the wicker basket.
Lying idly on the new coffee-table, stacked high; Winter- sun brochures gleaned from the holiday expo.
This year differs for, the calendar will
Auld Lang Syne moves from December to March.
Winter sun skis to April fools.
The campaign, led by tour operators, beauticians and taxi operators; gains
Political big wigs worry about job losses in the leisure sector, value of Sterling against the Euro and psychological counselling costs for stressed executives.
Recessionary times take a cold grip. Travel agents cut credit facilities to banking staff following the announcement that their New Year bonus won’t clear until April.
Moleskin one page a day diaries go to reprint.

© Maire Ryan, January, 2013

Maire Ryan McSherry started writing in 2011. She writes mainly prose poetry and short stories. Maire lives in Wexford in South East Ireland, works full time in the financial services sector and is a mum to two boys. 


  1. Gritty, vivid, real and current, Máire...Well done...XX

  2. Wonderful Máire, you describe a life that I was part of for a long time....hours of meetings with board members and drafting agendas. I loved Atlanta, Hong Kong, trips working abroad and worried more about the dollar against the euro and the cost of a barrel of oil which was forever in the minutes!! LOL. My life is so different today but even when things were good, the stresses were there in big wig rooms. Love your work, Máire x

  3. Thank you Barbara and Máire for your comments, much appreciated.

  4. Excellent take on events, Maire.

  5. Got a chuckle out of this, MT, though it contains a deserving jag. Love that last line. ;-)

  6. Nice going Maire! Am still laughing here! :)

  7. Nice going Maire! Am still laughing here! :)

  8. Thanks to Eamon, Bernadette and Mari - a piece of fun but honestly... !

  9. Thanks to everyone for contributing. We love it when people respond. :-)

  10. Well I'll add my appreciation to then, I really enjoyed this poem Maire. I try to comment as much as possible on others' poems (as it can fell very lonely out there) but I have been absent for a while. I hope to be a contributor again myself soon. I'll also add my appreciation to the new editors for taking over Poetry24.

  11. Thank you, Little Nell. Much appreciated.