Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Daughter's Woe

you touched my forehead
oh mother!
it brought me serenity
a flame of chillness went inside
which slowly coerced my body and soul
flowers started blooming in winter

I am born alive!
not allowed to be dead in the womb!

my dreams were clear
had the strength to achieve it
oh mother, I want to be adorned in your favorite collection.

I opened the box of surprising pearls
I had so many of them
beautiful, neatly carved
and I wanted to gift you mother
a beautiful pearl from it
for you to keep it on your lap
or to be decorated in your jewels

for I am born alive!
not allowed to be dead in the womb!

but you left astray this pearl
and went to heavenly feast
you may have reasons mother
but forgot that
she will be tinged not with the brightness of colors
life would leave her with dreadful colors

how can you do that mother
to your own creation
I am but a part of you
am i not you?

now i wait here alone
with shattered dreams and broken heart
for you to hold my hands firmly
I no longer need to feel insecure
in my mother land.

© Radhika Mohan

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Radhika Mohan is a researcher in the Indian Institute of Technology working on understanding Resilience. She likes to pen down her thoughts about experiences that life brings. Dreaming about and working towards building a resilient youth culture who have high self-esteem, high frustration tolerance who can delay gratification.