Wednesday, 16 January 2013

An Evil of Want

I shall never get you to entirely understand
the distance so far between us.
A great, grand Liberal stood atop the head of a man
with no ears, mouth, or eyes.

An evil Want of post-war Britain ended
with Beveridge. But they make us want once again.
The small eyes, gap-toothed grin beneath balding head,
laughs without shame or remorse.

Please take it from us, take it all,
take our money, take our lives.
Cupped hands to a bowl
at the knee of the millionaire government.

But still you shall give and you shall take away.
If no money now lands in our hands, perhaps it
belongs to the men in Parliament. Taking and smiling.
It seems we shall want once again.

© Michael Holloway, 2013

Michael was born in Liverpool in 1985. He completed his Masters in 2012. As well as poetry, he writes short stories and hopes to get his first novel published soon. His blog is