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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Wind-Up; Dead

I bet you came down on her
Like a ton of bricks
Sent her off site
Rubbed her nose in the shit.

No way out nowhere to run
The paparazzi at her door
Her grip on herself gone

Because a couple of DJs
Wanted a laugh
Their words would see her gone
Permanently off air.

©  David Mellor


Born in Liverpool in 1964, David rummaged around various dead end jobs , then back to college and uni  . In my 20’s first discovered poetry , starting writing and performing and have done so ever since . David on Facebook and YouTube


  1. I bet they were making her life hell, too. Would she really be dead if the hospital had been as ‘supportive’ as the bigwigs claim? I can barely keep the bile down when I hear that kind of bull.

    1. Agree with Bavo and others, someone is being ah, 'a little discreet with the verity' here, perhaps to avoid paying compensation. Far easier to blame the two DJs miles away over in Australia.There is a lot missing from this story.

  2. I felt the same, hence the poem, thanks for the comment

  3. We can only guess at the nightmare Jacintha was living. Thanks for airing this perspective. It will resonate with many.

  4. bullying. and this is mild compared to what's coming from ATOS and the British Government come 2013. all it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing....

    good poem. but, how many joined in with the laughter in the three days beforehand?


  5. i also did a video of the poem see MellorDR youtube, and i agree she was hounded

  6. I had a look at the vid. You read it well at a good pace.

    (aka kizmi touche)

    Sorry am marked as anon here. I can't get a comment on here any other way.

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  8. Very Sad.

    Amy Barry

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  10. What a shame, I like the pun on "grip." They would see her gone!