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Wednesday, 5 December 2012


She sent her sons out every day -
easier than trying to stop them.
She washed the dirt and bloodstains out
whenever the water was let through.
Marooned indoors,
each hour punctured with
flares and shockwaves,
her blood-pressure rocketed
with each crash and tremor.
And then, the stuttering television
spurting into life,
across the world, that green spreading.
"We know. We were always here
and now you are here too."
Tomorrow's bloodstains will wash out,
bandages will be discarded
and the sky shocked to stillness.

© Pat Jourdan


Pat Jourdan has five collections of poetry, two short story collections and two novels. Her latest novel is 'A Small Inheritance.' Her website is: patjourdan.co.uk and her blog: patjourdan.wordpress.com


Martin said...

Well penned, Pat. I'd like to read the article, but the link appears to be dead.

Abigail Wyatt said...

I will try to fix that now. :-)

Abigail Wyatt said...

It's working now.

Martin said...

Thanks, Abi. Links can be tricky sometimes, can't they?

Merc said...

Bravo, Pat. The poet´s words remain long after the headlines.

pat jourdan said...

It's the spread of that green, stronger than any words, which makes such an impact! Plus, years ago, a Palestinian journalist came to Galway and his photos showed how well-looked-after the boys were, in such difficult circumstances.

pat jourdan said...

Thanks, Merc. May someone do the same for us if it's ever necessary.