Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sunday Review, and.... the New Editors!

Many thanks to the poets who have kept the submissions coming in during Poetry24's time of transition - of which exciting news in a moment.

Not that it's been a very cheery week: do we find it comforting or depressing to dwell on the suffering of others? Either way, there's plenty of it around at all ages from Amy Barry's bleak pieta of A Boy’s Life in Gaza to  David Subacchi's no-frills old soldiers in No Country For Old Men. Also disappointed this week were Noel Loftus, whose thoughts on fractured Ireland churned like his washing machine in Fell fast asleep at noon and Abigail Wyatt's nostalgic England, My England. "I did have the world on / a paper plate; / the family silver still belonged to you."

Where will it all end? Afric McGlinchey saw a bigger picture in Existential risk: while we muse on distant planets and ancient gods, the machines might just cull 'the human herd'. Not so, says James Gordon, who sees us more as the saviours, the benefactors, who can save our Threatened heritage if we choose to do so.

Talking of saving a threatened heritage, I am delighted to say that Poetry24, on the brink of being culled, has been taken on by enthusiastic new editors, all of whom have had poems published here. Here are a few words from two of them:

Abigail Wyatt 
Hello, I am Abi. I was born in Essex but I am now based in Redruth in Cornwall. For many years, I was Head of English and the Expressive Arts at Redruth School but, in 2004, I retired from teaching following a period of illness. Since 2007, I have spent as much time as possible developing my own writing, mainly poetry and short fiction. I have been a regular contributor here at Poetry24 for about a year and I am looking forward to the challenge of becoming part of the editorial team
Abi's blog is

Hamish Mack
I am Hamish Mack, aged 50 mumble and living in new Zealand, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Lord of the Rings industry.
I have been writing poems for about 3 years after being eased into it by an internet friend. I have found poetry to be a great help in dealing with sudden onset unemployment and the immediacy of Poetry 24 had me hooked from the first time that I visited it. Clare and Martin surprised the hell out of me by accepting some of my poems and I will always be grateful to them. This is part of the reason that I have volunteered for this position. That and the key to the Editors Liquor Cabinet, which has not arrived yet...
I will do my best for this site and for the poets that frequent it. This is a very important time time for poets to be speaking the truth to power. Keep  it up, folks.
Hamish blogs at Light of Passage.

The other two poets who have volunteered for the editorial team - Martin Bartels and Michael Holloway - will introduce themselves next week.

I'm thrilled that Poetry24 will have this new injection of energy and I hope all you poets and subscribers will give the new team all the support you can - with plenty of quality submissions and by spreading the word. I'll probably be still hovering in the background, too, like an anxious mum at the school gates when the bell goes...

Have a great week

Clare (and the new team)